Our Infrastructure:

  • We believe in providing
    excellent metal printing services
    in the shortest period possible.
  • We have two plants, one in Nerul (Navi Mumbai) and the other in Chhani (Vadodara),
    both of which are fully equipped
    with high-end equipment, produced in India as well as abroad.
  • One of our major High Speed Printing apparatus,
    is a product of Fuji Kikai Kogo Co. Ltd - Japan.
  • This high speed offset metal decorating machine is
    capable of printing up to a whopping 7,500 sheets an hour
    (125 sheets each minute).
  • Equally efficient is our High Speed coating machine,
    also a product of Fuji Kikai Kogo Co. Ltd - Japan.
  • This high-speed device can finish coating on
    up to a gigantic 8,400 sheets per hour.
    (140 sheets per minute).
  • With our appliances at work, your metal printing and
    packaging work will be completed in a jiffy.
  • Besides these, both our manufacturing facilities are equipped
    with high quality automatic and semi-automatic body-makers
    and presses.
  • We have state-of-the-art machineries from:
    Soudronic (Switzerland),
    Mechnelonic and Mercury (both from India).
  • we have even developed our own machines
    to further your packaging projects run most efficiently.
  • For your choice of selection of Box
    We have Ready-to-Use various shapes & sizes
    of Packaging boxes’ Die.
  • It saves Time and JOB can GO-on-Print
    on your approval...FAST
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